​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​VFM self-assessment - How to do it

London  – 2 May​, 11.00 - 15.00​​

Manchester  – 2 May​

This workshop will provide participants with a kit - the information, template and a forum - to enable them to meet the regulatory requirement to produce a VFM self-assessment.


From this workshop, you'll gain:

  • a cost-e​​ffective way of determining a proportionate approach for your organisation
  • expertise of HouseMark’s VFM specialists
  • peer s​​haring and problem solving via a workshop format
  • peace of mind that your approach will be robust, providing both board and regulator with the desired level of assurance

Style of the session​

A practical, interactive and self-paced workshop that will explore:
regulatory requirement and implications

  • what a self-assessment might look like

  • how to measure the new ‘total’ VFM inferred by regulation

  • round-up - have you got the tools and information you need to take this forward?

The group will be taken through the self-assessment template step by step, discussing issues and possible solutions along the way. We'll circulate the template ahead of the session for you to take a look at and prepare your thoughts.

Before the event you should also consider your organisational mission and/or vision statement. Broadly, can you define the value you produce, eg new homes, great landlord services, care, support, ‘added value’ activities? To what extent do your existing measures map to this value? Where are the main gaps?

Who should attend?

This workshop is targeted at those officers leading on the VFM self-assessment. It's particularly useful if you have made a late start or want to sense check your approach.


The fee for this workshop is £175 + VAT


How to book

To book a place, please complete and return the booking form​ and email it to . Joining instructions will be sent prior to the event.

Places for these workshops are limited, should they be oversubscribed we may not be able to accommodate more than one delegate per organisation.​




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