The common approach to satisfaction surveys

HouseMark offers a free voluntary approach to tenant and resident satisfaction measurement for the soc​​ial housing sector. It provides social housing landlords with the essential means of benchmarking satisfaction results with each other. Star (Survey of Tenants and Residents) was launched in July 2011 and has been widely consulted on and is available for use by any social landlord.​

The following publications are available free of charge to download:

Star features​

This outlines the key elements and benefits of Star and explains why HouseMark took the lead in this initiative. It is intended for anyone who wants to find out more about Star and is essential reading for anyone who commissions or runs their own Star surveys.

Star questions

This is a full listing of Star’s core and optional satisfaction questions and the suggested demographic questions, grouped according to theme. This is a useful resource in deciding which questions should make up Star surveys to suit your needs.

Star count

This is a comprehensive report of the results of the consultation exercise which HouseMark undertook when developing Star. It provides background information on why particular decisions were made as a result of the consultation in relation to Star.​

Running Star​

This detailed guide on how to run a Star survey covers questionnaire design, selecting representative samples, checking returns are representative, different survey methods and more. This is useful reading for anyone commissioning or running Star surveys.

"Star will provide an excellent source of data for tenant scrutiny panels to compare their own landlord’s satisfaction ratings with those of other landlords. These panels need quality information to monitor their landlords’ delivery of services, and Star replaces a crucial missing piece in the jigsaw left by the withdrawal of STATUS."

Michael Gelling - Chair of TAROE​

"As a large organisation with smaller housing associations in our Group, the Star survey has suited us very well. It has allowed us to be flexible and address issues that are important to our tenants. We’re committed to annual surveys to ensure we deliver value for money to tenants as well as knowing our strengths and areas for improvement."

Ian Munro - Chief Executive of New Charter Group

Other useful resources

Star suppliers list​

The 'neither' option

Star FAQs​

Star logos​

Star benchmarking report - analysis of findings 2013-14

​Star benchmarking report - analysis of findings 2012-13​


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