Procurement for Housing

As a HouseMark member, you have automatic membership of Procurement for Housing.

Procurement for Housing (PfH), the largest and most dynamic procurement consortium in the social housing sector, operates across our data and knowledge offers.

Delivered in partnership with CEL Procurement, PfH enables member organisations to generate cost savings and business efficiencies.

​​Providing flexible support services to enhance your procurement capacity

If you lack the internal resource to manage complex tendering exercises, PfH can help you by providing:

  • Bespoke tendering services - where we manage the procurement process for you​
  • Procurement partnering - where we become direct partners and help you manage tous procurement function, including sourcing, contract and supplier management.
  • Consultancy support - where we help you develop your procurement strategy, provide a health check on your current activity and identify areas for improvement.

​More information

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