How can I ensure I get the most out of my membership?

  • In 2014 HouseMark will be introducing new systems to ensure we have more regular contact with our members. We will closely monitor each member’s level and type of usage of our services and proactively highlight those which you could make more use of. We want to ensure, that across the organisation, you and your colleagues are aware and take full advantage of the support available. We will also be seeking to introduce a member-benefit statement so that you can see at a glance what savings you have made by being a member.​

  • Can you come and present what the benefits of membership are to my organisation?

  • Yes, in fact this is something we will increasingly seek to do. We are happy to come along as part of one of your existing team meetings and spend an hour showcasing and discussing what is available. Alternatively, if you want to arrange a specific meeting then again we would be happy to attend.​

  • What opportunities for networking with other members are there?

  • As part of your membership we run bi-annual Performance Improvement Club meetings across the country. These are for operational staff involved in improving business performance and here you will hear the latest in service improvement techniques and make new peer contacts in your areas of interest. At executive management team level, we also offer roundtable business insight sessions on a regular basis with stakeholders such as DCLG, HCA, DOH, Bank of England agents, ratings agencies, HM Treasury housing team, Inside Housing etc.