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​HouseMark Scotland is evolving, we're refreshing our services to ensure that they’re modern, fit-for-purpose and reflective of the needs of a changing, diversifying sector. ​

We aim to become the sector’s leading provider of business intelligence services. We anticipate that this business intelligence will help you achieve your aims of managing risk, driving efficiencies and maximising business effectiveness within your organisation.



Our benchmarking service has been improved and enhanced to better reflect your needs. Restructured to include Scottish Social Housing Charter data, which can be collected quarterly or annually, we’re also offering more in-depth analysis of cost and performance on key issues such as managing the impact of welfare reform.

Beyond benchmarking, we are currently working on ‘big data’ projects from which a new suite of data services will flow to help you to use data more effectively in business planning and service delivery. Notably, we are developing a data warehouse for social housing data.​



Our new knowledge transfer offer is focused on unique experiential learning opportunities - visits to ‘best in class’ and market leaders in the private, voluntary, health and social enterprise fields, as well as the housing sector. Our round table meetings provide you with critical business insight, as we enable you to engage with key influencers in the media, Scottish Government and the Bank of England, allowing you to map future risks and opportunities.



Underpinning the data and knowledge offer is a new ‘critical friend’ approach to consultancy. Focused on our core competencies of data and sector knowledge, our experts will support you in maximising business effectiveness, providing bespoke support where needed and adding real value to your membership.​

​We also offer a Complaints accreditation in Scotland in partnership​​ with the Scottish Public Social Ombudsman. The accreditation consists of an external, independent of your complaints service against a series of complaints commitments and building blocks.​​ More information regarding the accredication is available here​.

PfH Scotland

The last element of our business intelligence offer covers our Procurement for Housing in Scotland (PfH) service. Now in its 10th year of operation, it continues to provide you with substantial savings on goods and services. PfH has now also developed a business intelligence system called Quantum, amongst a range of new services designed to support you in managing your procurement process. It’s all about seeing beyond the numbers, with business intelligence from HouseMark Scotland.

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