A common approach to carrying out transactional surveys



In 2011, HouseMark launched the Star (Survey of Tenants and Residents) framework - a periodic perception-based survey that provides social housing landlords with the means to compare satisfaction results with each other.

Today, around 350 landlords regularly collect and benchmark this information using HouseMark services. But as a wider range of survey methods has become available for measuring and understanding satisfaction, there has been a growing appetite to combine this over-time perception survey data with real-time customer feedback. Many landlords are now carrying out transactional surveys triggered by specific events or interactions with customers; for example following a responsive repair, complaint, or letting.


In response we have developed StarT (Survey for Tenants and Residents Transactions), our new benchmarking service for transactional surveys.

Just as Star provides a comparable framework for a landlord's main tenant and resident perception satisfaction survey, StarT provides a framework for comparable transactional surveys.

Our new StarT guidance on the use of transactional surveys is available to HouseMark members. It includes a set of questions for transactional surveys as well as providing advice on survey methods, sample sizes and other areas highlighted in the review.

During 2015/16, landlords who wish to take up this offer of new transactional satisfaction benchmarking services for repairs, lettings, ASB and complaints will be able to adapt their survey methods and questions to meet our new StarT framework.

Then, from April 2016, the new online benchmarking systems will be available to HouseMark subscribers to input their survey data and see how they compare.

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Star benchmarking report 2013/14.

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