​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Priority performance benchmarking

This new service replaces Performance Indicator Tracking (PIT) and focuses on those priority PIs that are more business-focused. It uses new technologies to collect and report on data. 

Features of our data offer​ include:

  • Business focused PIs – 33 indicators in total - giving a strategic overview of business performance.

  • Automated data collection - piloting of an automated data collection tool to all members taking part in Priority Performance benchmarking

  • Enhanced data validation - robust, triple layer for greater accuracy

  • Quarterly reporting on priority PIs - quarterly trend reports showing in-year performance set against the median and quartile performance for the sector. 


New online reporting

Our new online reporting system allow you to view your headline performance over the past five quarters compared to others. New filter options allow you to customise your peer group by standard filters such as stock size and region, or simply manually select the organisations you wish to compare with. 


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