​​​Social housing​ dashboard

​​With value for money and tenant scrutiny at the top of many social landlords' agendas, monitoring and comparing the cost of delivering services and the level of performance and satisfaction they achieve are essential. HouseMark is the leading source of value for money data for social housing, and has a wealth of data that can already be compared online via our member website.

To make that data more accessible, we have developed a social housing dashboard which presents information in a logical way. It is aimed at, and ideal for, tenant scrutiny of services and value for money.​​

View the organisations who have already embedded their dashboard​


​The social housing dashboard can:


  • compare nationally, locally or against a pre-defined peer group of similar organisations (over 475 organisations to benchmark against)
  • drill into 8 key service areas
  • access the most recently submitted core benchmarking information
  • have explanatory commentary added
  • be embedded into your own websites
  • be printed out

More information

If you would like more information about the dashboard please email . If you would like to become a HouseMark subscriber, please contact Mani Hundal: .