Data analysis

Enhancing and adding value to our refreshed benchmarking services, data analysis and interpretation helps you 'dig deeper' into your data results, seek out trends, and develop solutions and recommendations for improvement. Our team of expert data analysts can undertake work on a bespoke basis, to really make the data work for you, to inform your key business decisions and assist business improvement. 

The vision and the recruitment of new skills into the business presents a huge opportunity for us to develop a much larger data analysis consultancy offer, which comprises of:

  • Unique tailored support - to drive business performance and efficiency – drilling deeper into data results, undertaking specific analysis, recommending courses of action

  • Data toolkits – e.g. tenant insight, ASB, impact of welfare reform, repairs – using both member data and externally available data to provide tools such as heat maps, overlaying of data in local areas, ways of  measuring local performance in key areas

  • Tenant scrutiny of data – supporting tenant panels, groups, boards etc to understand cost, performance and other key business data, and using it to hold landlord to account and using it to aid co-regulation

  • Tenant insight​ – join our discovery project to be part of this pioneering work to get the most from the information you collect on customers, to adapt your services, boost satisfaction and grow your business.

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