​PlanForm takes input assumptions and output indicators direct from HRA business plans, enabling users to compare their key HRA assumptions and outputs with others in real time.

Where are we now with the VFM self-assessment​?

With the production of this year’s VFM self-assessments well on the way you may find this podcast interesting. HouseMark are able to offer you a VFM self-assessment review. Our approach is as a critical friend, it’s a one day desktop review which will result in observations and guidance being fed straight back to you.

Benchmarking is changing​

Following feedback from our members, we've made a few changes to our benchmarking system. Find out what we've improved to make it quicker and easier to input and select data to help you with your business planning process.

Delivering value from repairs services​

​Lynn Dexter, Head of Consultancy shares how you can fully understand the cost, performance and quality of you repairs and void services and therefore develop strategies to create improvements and efficiencies.​

​​​STAR - ​Drivers of tenant and resident satisfaction

HouseMark's Vicki Howe talks us through validation and the fundamental drivers which relate to how a person will answer their survey. ​




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